Tim Duncan dunking, setting and approaching more NBA records after GM2

The great Tim Duncan had his moments in GM2 when he looked like a younger Timmy, but those moments only reminded us how old he is and for those people, like me, that have been watching him break and approach one NBA record after another since his rookie season (or College like me), how old we are.

During last night’s loss, Duncan tied Magic Johnson for most playoffs double doubles and extended his streak of playoff games played which is more than 17 other NBA teams!

Here’s where Duncan ranks on a few other playoff lists.

  • Blocks: 1st
  • Defensive Rebounds: 1st
  • Offensive Rebounds: 2nd
  • Minutes Played: 2nd
  • Total Rebounds: 3rd
  • Games Played: 4th
  • Points: 5th
  • Field Goals: 5th
  • Free Throws: 5th
  • Assists: 28th
  • Steals: 40th

I’m proud to say I’ve been watching Duncan since he wasn’t on any of the above lists but at the same time….I’m pissed because I feel real old and unlike Duncan, I’m not able to do this.



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