Tim Duncan can’t contain himself when Derrick Rose calls & delivers good news

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Derrick Rose

Foot Locker’s “Week of Greatness” is back and Tim Duncan couldn’t be more excited. Just ask Derrick Rose who called Duncan to deliver the good news.

“I just knocked over a plant celebrating.” replied Duncan.

For those you can’t recall ever seeing Duncan actually “lose it” and get excited. Let’s go back to this clutch shot in double OT back in 2008.

There’s also these new H-E-B commercials with a happy Duncan eating a salmon burger.

Or how about when he divorced his wife and ended up with Vanessa Macias.

I might have gone too far with the last one but what I would really love to see is Duncan, Manu, Leonard and Tony Parker recreate this skit from Key & Peele with Duncan playing the part of Laron.