Tim Hardaway Jr has his ankles broken then throws down a dunk vs the Raptors

This kid has to be the product of the milkman.  Tim Hardaway Jr, son of crossover king and vertically challenged Tim Hardaway, is the focus of two videos in this post.  One has him being on the wrong side of an ankle breaker and the other has him showing that his ankles are just fine as he throws down a dunk vs the Raptors.

Dad was proud when Jr hit a game winner earlier this week but he’s going to have to have that Bird and Bees type sitdown with his son and tell him that Hardaways break ankles and hearts and that a Landry Fields should not be giving them a taste of their own medicine.

FYI, for those people that said Senior never dunked – flashback to the insane 92 Playoffs between the Warriors and Sonics.



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