Tim Hardaway Jr Posterizes & Outscores Rockets During Insane 4th Quarter Comeback

Down by 20 to the Houston Rockets with nine minutes left in regulation and starter Schroder and Millsap on the bench, the Atlanta Hawks Tim Hardaway Jr went into God mode and single-handedly took over the game, outscoring the Houston Rockets team 23-22 and capping off the night with a poster dunk on pretty much every player on the court. I’m exaggerating a little on the poster dunk but I was in such a state of confusion everything seemed like a blur. Like the final seconds of the game, when the live view of a Trevor Ariza game-tying three seemed like it was nothing but net…

Once the confusion was cleared, Hardaway, former Rocket Dwight Howard and the rest of the Hawks were left standing victorious on the Houston court with a 113-108 win. Hardaway finished with a career-high 33 points and Howard had 24 points and 23 boards.


Watch Hardaway catch fire in the 4th quarter reminded me of this crazy duel between him and Dion Waiters (speaking of people on fire right now) during the 2014 Rising Stars game. Hardaway had 36 points in the game while Waiters went off for 31 points and 7 assists.