Tim Hardaway Jr’s game winner against the Magic made me feel real old

This is the type of stuff that makes me feel old. I grew up in the 90s watching Tim Hardaway hit game-winners and clutch shots against teams like the Orlando Magic (especially when Tim Hardaway should have been on All-Star teams over Penny who was injured and still being voted in) and now I’m watching his son, Tim Hardaway Jr, make game-winners against the Orlando Magic.

I would say “like father like son” but Dad didn’t have the hops that Jr has…but Jr still has a long ways to go until he can pull off crossovers the way his Dad did.

But this wasn’t first game-winner Jr hit in the NBA.  Back in 2013 he had a game-winner against the Celtics and guess who was all smiles in the crowd?


BONUS VIDEO: Tim Hardaway (15pts/22asts) vs Penny (38pts)