Timeline of Andrew Bynum’s Career with the 76ers

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Christopher Vito of Delcotimes.com put together a timeline of Andrew Bynum’s career in Philly…so far. I added videos of a few key dates and I couldn’t resist starting it off with the vid above.  Enjoy…unless you are a 76ers fan.  Also be sure to check out Bleacher Reports list of Worst 76ers moves of all-time.  The Bynum trade landed at #5 but I would have it higher and the Barkley trade lower since Barkley did not want to be there anymore and probably would of caused problems of monolithic proportion if he stayed in Philly.  They also received 3 starters and drafted Clarence Weatherspoon (a young Barkley clone).

Aug. 14: The Sixers complete a three-team trade, acquiring Andrew Bynum from the Los Angeles Lakers while giving up Andre Igoudala to Denver and consecutive first-round draft picks Nik Vucivic and Moe Harkless to Orlando in a deal that sends Dwight Howard to Los Angeles.

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Aug. 17: The team introduces Bynum in an open-to-the-public press conference at the National Constitution Center. Famously, Sixers owner Josh Harris says, “Where do I sign?” when asked if the Sixers have intentions on signing Bynum, an unrestricted free agent in 2013, to a contract extension. Sixers CEO Adam Aron tells Bynum “the city is yours.”

September: On separate unspecified dates, Bynum sustains an injury and receives treatment for it. In an individual workout in Los Angeles, a month before joining the Sixers for preseason camp, Bynum hurts his right knee on an up-and-under move. Then, he travels to Germany, where he receives a non-invasive plasma-enrichment procedure called Orthokine.

Sept. 24: Sixers general manager Tony DiLeo says the team and Bynum have not reached an agreement on a contract extension.

Oct. 1: Photographed in a Sixers jersey for the first (and only) time, Bynum is shut down from basketball-related activity for three weeks. The Sixers say they expect their prize acquisition, who will miss training camp and seven preseason games, to be ready by the season opener.

Oct. 15: Bynum receives injections of Synvisc-One joint lubrication from personal physician Dr. David Altchek in New York City.

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Oct. 31: Bynum misses the Sixers’ season opener.

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Nov. 17: Bynum reveals he injured his left knee while bowling, as he’s undergoing rehab and treatment for the right knee he injured in September. He calls the setback “weird.”

Nov. 24: DiLeo dismisses any reports of timetables for Bynum’s return, saying the center is out indefinitely.

Dec. 10: Bynum says he could play “if this was the Finals.” He reports that swelling is down in the right knee, which “is much, much better,” while the left knee still causes pain while walking.

Dec. 20: Bynum visits Altchek to learn whether he can progress in his rehab.

Dec. 21: Bynum is told he can ramp up his rehab, calling it “a baby step” toward his return.

Jan. 16: After a Sixers practice, and in front of reporters, Bynum engages in his first shooting drills. “It’s time to get ready — ready to play,” he says.

Jan. 21: Bynum jogs to spots on the floor for shots but still avoids lateral movement.

Jan. 29: Bynum mentions a target return date for the first time, saying he expects to debut after the All-Star break after a two-hour workout that includes footwork and agility drills as well as stationary shooting.

Jan. 31: Bynum gets a second round of joint lubrication injections from Altchek.

Feb. 12: Bynum, while providing a rehab update, contradicts himself by citing lingering pain in his left knee while also saying he thinks he can return later in the same month.

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Feb. 20: Bynum says he’s still one to two weeks away from practicing with the Sixers, thus pushing his return to March.

Feb. 21: Bynum visits Dr. Jonathan Glashow, an orthopaedic surgeon at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York

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Feb. 22: Bynum asks Sixers coach Doug Collins to participate in a 5-on-5 scrimmage with the Sixers — his first on-court activity with his teammates since coming to Philly.

Feb. 26: Bynum is not visible on the Sixers’ bench during a crushing loss to Orlando. Bynum later says he was receiving treatment for his knees during the game.

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March 1: Bynum says his right knee has been swollen since the Feb. 22 scrimmage and that it has not improved. He says it’s possible he may miss the rest of the season, though stating there are no specific surgical procedures to fix his injury. “I’m 25. It’s my life,” he says.

March 3: Contrary to Bynum’s statement, DiLeo says surgery is “certainly an option” for Bynum, and the Sixers are exploring all options.

March 5: Bynum is not in South Philadelphia for the Sixers’ home game against Boston, instead visiting Altchek for an evening appointment.

March 18: Sixers announce Bynum will undergo arthroscopic surgery on both knees and will miss the remainder of the season

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Timeline from Delcotimes.com


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