Timofey Mozgov wants you to vote Ty Lawson into the All-Star game & not drink & drive

Players in this post:
Timofey Mozgov Ty Lawson

“”Hey, Reddit, what’s up? Have a good day, OK? It’s Timofey Mozgov, yo. The All-Star — you’ve got to vote for my boy Ty. He give me the assist. I get bucket. So, he’s a good dude. You’ve got to vote for him. And again — have a good day. And don’t drink and drive.”

After seeing this pro Lawson and anti-drinking and driving video, I think some local politicians should hire the man most only know as the guy Blake Griffin “Mozgov’d” to do their campaigns videos.

As for Ty Lawson, who ironically was once arrested for drinking and driving while he was underage, his 16 points and 10 assists average is worth some consideration.

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