TJ Ford plays and gets “caught slippin” at High School Alumni game

Players in this post:
TJ Ford Daniel Ewing

TJ Ford generated a lot of smiles yesterday in Houston when he returned to Willowridge high school to play in an Alumni Game. Ford was a star at Willowridge and led the team to a pair of state titles and a 75-1 record in his final two seasons before becoming a Longhorns legend and the 8th pick of the great 2003 NBA Draft class.

One player who will probably always remember this game is @DeeJackk who pulled a trick out of TJ’s old bag and went between Ford’s legs the way TJ used to do to a lot of defenders.


Not too many people also remember that the 6’0 Ford used to have some serious hops. Here he is missing an alley-oop from former NBA player Daniel Ewing. Keep in mind, it’s been 2 years since Ford played in the NBA and 10 years since his spine injury.

Ford is constantly putting on and participating in community projects for the youth in Houston and you can learn more about these events as well as his basketball camps at

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