TJ McConnell Responds To Nic Batum’s “Guarantee” Comments After 76ers Latest Win

Before the Embiid and Okafor-less 76ers took on the Charlotte Hornets in Charlotte, former Hornet/current 76er Gerald Henderson texted his teammates and reminded them of Nic Batum guaranteeing a victory against them.

“Everybody pays attention that stuff,” said Henderson. “It’s not the first guarantee that has ever been issued, but I thought it was something some guys on our team would look at and use it in the game.”

They did because the 76ers came out strong in the first, outscoring the Hornets 33-22 and finished the game with a 105-99 victory. TJ “Most Clutch Player In NBA History” McConnell had 14 points, a game-high 7 assists and some comments for Batum and any other players/teams who think they will be able to get a win over them.

“We don’t mean any disrespect but you aren’t going to overlook us.” Said McConnell. “We are not a guarantee victory for the other team. If you guarantee stuff you better back it up. We are a damn good team.”

As for Nicstradamus Batum, he doesn’t think his confident predictions is an issue since he’s done it a few times in the past.

“And it worked three times — just not this time,” Batum said. “I don’t know why people are getting freaked out. … I don’t know why people are getting mad about it. The question was like `Are you going to win the next game?’ I wasn’t going to say we were going to lose the next game. … I won’t stop believing in my teammates.”

I’m glad he trust his teammates but I have more trust in the process.