Tracy McGrady talks LeBron vs Jordan, his career and the anatomy of pigs after GM1 of Finals

How is it that Tracy McGrady has become such a fan favorite again?  For the past few seasons before this current one, T-Mac’s name was usually associated with greed, losing and called a cancer to his teams.  Fans of the Knicks, Pistons and Hawks were were begging the former superstar to retire while other fans laughed at once comparisons to current superstars like Kobe and LeBron.

T-Mac did leave the league and joined one in China where he put up the gaudy numbers we were use to seeing him put up in Orlando and showing flashbacks of flash and flare with ankle breakers, 3 pointers from near half court and baseline posters on defenders.

A week before the playoffs started, T-Mac rejoined the league as a member of the San Antonio Spurs.  The Spurs would not only give McGrady a taste of the 2nd round of the playoffs by beating the Kobe-less Lakers but a ride all the way to the  NBA Finals where they are facing LeBron and the Heat.

After a game 1 win by the Spurs, McGrady was interviewed by the media and responded with some great answers especially when asked if he will be ready if Pop calls his number to play.  All of the sudden, I’m in the mood to eat some bacon.

On why there’s no comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordan: “[In the 1990s,] there were grown men out there. There’s a lot of boys in our league right now.”

On Dwyane Wade’s knee injury: “It looks like he’s lacking confidence in some of the things he’s accustomed to doing. He’s tentative. I understand. You don’t know. ‘I’ve made this move before, but if I do it, is it going to hurt me.’ I’ve been through that. It’s in the back of your mind. I don’t care how great of a player you are when you’ve dealt with that for so long and it’s still there, the confidence and mental capacity affects your game.”

On the 2009 microfracture knee surgery that changed the course of his career: “I got hurt in my 11th year. My knee gave out on me in my 11th year, Dwyane [Wade] is in his 10th year. A lot of these guys are dealing with knee injuries over their 10-year career. [Carmelo Anthony] is dealing with knee injuries. It happens. When you play so many games, for me, I had to carry a franchise for a lot of years. I had to do a lot more than some of these guys have to do. It caught up with me.”

On what it’s like playing for the Spurs after years of postseason frustration: “I was always a guy that said, for a player to be on a championship team that didn’t contribute, how can he feel that he deserved that ring? Look here, man, I’m in that situation. My career has been something, especially after my injury. It’s been tough. I can’t do nothing but appreciate this opportunity. It seems like it happened for a reason for me to be here.”

On his role in the 2013 Finals: “Sh–, I don’t think I am going to play. I watch just like you. I just have a better seat.”

On ill feelings toward unnamed franchises over his last few NBA seasons: “I didn’t enjoy it because a lot was taken away from me. I felt like the ability I could display, I wasn’t allowed to do that. I felt I was lied to. I don’t want to say no names. I was lied to. Things wasn’t happening the way it was told to me. I don’t have any respect for that. I know a lot of things have been said about me as an individual and as a player. But I just speak my mind. When something is told to me and it didn’t happen that way, I’m going to speak my mind. That’s just who I am. I’ve never going to shy away from that.”

On what makes Spurs point guard Tony Parker great: “His endurance. To see him handle the ball 95 percent of the time out there, bring the ball up, pass it to the strong side, run on the baseline full speed, on the weakside get the ball, get in a pick-and-roll, come back out, get into another one. He does that sh– all game long. I don’t know how he sustains it. He’s the best. He’s working on his fourth championship. He’s been the best player over the last decade in the playoffs.”

On a possible alternative career: “I was great in baseball. I could have played in the pros in professional baseball. I had either choice. I just chose basketball. A lot of y’all don’t know that.”

On whether he is ready if Spurs coach Gregg Popovich does call his number: “Is pig p—y pork? Of course, man. I would relish the opportunity if it was called.”

Source: SI



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