Tmac scores 37 & elbows player to the floor for doing the Mutombo finger wag

Winless and last in the standings, Tracy McGrady and his team had to play CBA God Stephon Marbury and his champion Ducks.   The results were as expected as Tmac went off for 37 points and his team lost by 12 but the big story wont be either of those two things.

With 11 minutes left in the game and down by 19, Ji Zhe of the Ducks hit a 3 pointer in Tmac's face and celebrated with a Mutombo winger fag.  TMac, who has dunked on Deke a few times in his career, didn't appreciate the gesture and not so subtly threw an elbow into the chest of the Chinese player knocking him to the floor.

Also interesting about this is Tmac was not ejected for the elbow that Stephon Marbury called a "dirty play." I don't expect this to become international news like when Barkley elbowed that player from Angola in the Olympics but this is one elbow that  might be heard around the basketball world.

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