Tmac turns ball over then ex NBA player Sundiata Gaines hits game winning 3 in China

Players in this post:
Sundiata Gaines Tracy McGrady

Actors and athletes make a lot of money by making embarrassing commercials and film/tv appearances in other countries, China in particular, and in the contract it always states that the product can not be shown in the US.

That was all good before YouTube but now we can see every silly soda commercial A-list actors make.  Same goes for popular American athletes that are playing overseas.   The games might not be on ABC but the recaps will be online and I’m pretty sure Tmac doesn’t want you to see his turnover with the game on the line that allowed former NBA player Sundiata Gaines to hit a game winning 3 pointer. But that’s on YouTube just like this commercial for Xuejin beer (alcohol sponsored by the NBA?).

[youtube id=”5EiZpFlujHY” width=”600″ height=”350″]


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