Tobias Harris game winning dunk vs the Thunder

It’s not often that a game winner is a dunk and if it is, it’s usually off an offensive rebound or it’s a wide open dunk off a steal.  What you will never see is a fast break dunk like Tobias Harris’ game winner against OKC last night.

From the sounds of the following quotes by Harris, Oladipo and Coach Vaughn, it sounds like they were really lucky to pull off the final sequence.

“I saw Victor get the (rebound) and I just wanted to be down there, whether or not he shot a layup or if he made it, congratulate him, to get a tip-in — anything,” Harris said. “But he kicked it to Mo and I just kept running. Mo saw me and my whole momentum was just to get it in the rim.”

“I passed it to Moe and I thought he was going to shoot,” Oladipo said. “Then he throws it back. I’m like, ‘Who is he throwing it to?!'”

“I was drawing up our defensive strategy unless they had point-something left on the clock,” Magic coach Jacque Vaughn said. “But we’ll take it.”

I’m sure they would.  The Magic survived a 29 point 12 assist night from Kevin Durant  but KD was just 5-15 after the first quarter where he scored 15 points.

On the topic of game winning dunks in Orlando history, most Magic fans will probably remember this game winning dunk by Dwight Howard back in 2007.

For old Magic heads like me, you probably remember this dunk by Penny.




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