Tony Allen throws towel onto court to mess up Derek Fisher’s 3 point attempt

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Congrats to Tony Allen on making All Defensive 1st team.  Last night was another good exhibition of Tony’s defensive tactics although I don’t think throwing a towel, from the bench, at a player shooting the ball is one of them especially when it results in a free throw for the other team.   In this specific case, Durant made the free throw and he needed every free point he could in GM 5.

Tony’s teammates Marc Gasol and Mike Conley were on the 2nd team and I’m sure Kevin Durant and the Thunder would agree that the three belong on the teams.  The funny thing about Gasol making the 2nd team is that he was voted Denfensive Player of the Year last week.  The explanation is because individual awards are voted on by the media while All-NBA teams are voted on by coaches.

Bonus Clip: Tony Allen catches the oop from Conley and the NBA gets sexual with the title “Tony Allen goes backdoor for the oop)

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