Tony Allen’s Oscar deserving flop after “flagrant” foul from Manu

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Manu Ginóbili Tony Allen Kyle Lowry

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It was a “smart” play.  It was a pivotal play.  It was an ironic play because flop king Manu was involved.  It was a hilarious play for many of us including Kyle Lowry who tweeted


Watching All-Defense 1st teamer Tony Allen flop on the floor while holding his head was more offensive than anything Sergio Garcia can say about chicken.  What I’m afraid of is the league wont punish Allen for his acting job even though they said they are committed to enforcing their new flopping policies this postseason.  Then again it is YouTube comedy week so all we can do is watch the video on YouTube and LMAO along with Lowry atleast for the next few days until Tony Allen and the Griz go fishing like Kyle and the rest of us.



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