Tony Wroten scores 27, Clippers commentator calls him “the worst 3-point shooter the league has ever seen”

During the 2nd quarter of the Clippers win against the 76ers on Saturday, one of the Clippers’ commentators called Tony Wroten “the worst 3-point shooter the league has ever seen.”


Although Wroten did miss 6 of his 8 3-point attempts, that statement is just ridiculous.  I’m not going to go deep stat digging but just in the past 2 weeks he’s had games where he was 4-9 and a 4-6 from 3 and last season he had a game where he shot 5 of 8. Just from those 3 games alone, I wouldn’t put Wroten’s name anywhere near a “worst ever” list.


Yeah his .291% from 3 isn’t anything to brag about but it’s higher than the Clipper’s Chris Douglas-Roberts who is shooting .238 and barely below Jared Cunningham (.308).


Last season, the Clipers had 3 players shoot under 30% including Blake Griffin who was at .273 and Antawn Jamison at .195 which is just below Blake Griffin’s .179 from the year before when the Clippers also had Grant Hill and Lamar Odom shooting less than what Wroten is shooting this season.


Worst ever? Whatever!