Top 10 Dunks of Christmas (KD, LeBron, Dwight, Blake & more)


There was a lot of great NBA giving going on, on Christmas day, but Wade’s two gifts to LeBron top the Top 10 NBA Dunks of Christmas list.  Kevin Durant received a nice one from Westbrook and Dwight Howard also received a couple of nice gifts from his teammates.  Taj Gibson cleaned up a mess and Reggie Jackson helped ruin Christmas for Amare.


LeBron’s left hand off the backboard oop


LeBron 1 hand oop from Wade


Reggie Jackson dunks on Amare


Taj Gibson 1 hand rebound dunk over the Nets


Westbrook oop to Durant


Dwight dunks off nice passes from Casspi and Lin


Griffin to DJ


Noah oop to Gibson


Klay Thompson with the 2 hand dunk


Bonus: Blake Griffin



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