Top 10 Dunks of the Night (1.7.14): LeBron, AD, Favors, Cousins, Gay & More


LeBron’s sky high oop takes the spot as the best dunk of the night but here’s some other impressive dunks including Anthony Davis going between LeBron & two other Heat players for the rebound dunk and Derrick Favors posterizing Kevin Durant.

LeBron’s 1 hand stretch ooop

AD with the powerful rebound dunk

Derrick Favors posterizes Kevin Durant

DeMarcus Cousins with the reverse dunk against the Blazers

Rudy Gay’s baseline reverse vs the Blazers

Miles Plumlee dunks on Dunleavy

Can I buy a vowel. Mozgov dunks on Faverani

Tristan Thompson with the and1 dunk

Larry Sanders with the rebound dunk

Another oop from Wade to LeBron

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