Top 10 Dunks of the Night | Jonas, JaVale, LeBron, PG & more (11.5.13)


LeBron headlines last night’s top 10 dunks with 3 entries but the top entry comes courtesy of the Raptors Jonas Valanciunas over LeBron.


JV dunks on LeBron


Paul George throws down the 2 hand alley-oop


Wade to LeBron + James with the rebound dunk


Livingston half court alleyoop to Plumlee


Josh Smith dunks after a block by Greg Monroe


Kenneth Faried throws down the 1 hand oop + steal and breakaway dunk


JaVale McGee throws it down against the Spurs


McLemore 1 hand dunk


BONUS: Brook Lopez and AK-47 dunks against the Jazz


BONUS: Harden and Dwight connect on the oop




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