Top 10 plays of the year by Andrea Bargnani “league’s most frustrating talent”

WARNING (from the makers of the video): Using this video as optimism for a big 14-15 campaign from Bargnani will leave you open to ridicule. Dick-head.

We get accused a lot of making players look better than they really are by taking a season full of footage and making a 3 minute highlight reel mix of that player.  For every 10 bad shots or turnovers, we find a highlight of a dunk, assist, ankle breaker or game-winner and then package it nicely in a tight compilation mix with a cool title on YouTube and we now have a superstar that you think could become the next #1 pick in the NBA draft.  But most basketball experts aren’t going to be fooled…unless that expert is James Dolan!

With that said, here’s the top 10 plays of the year by former #1 pick Andrea Bargnani who the Knicks traded a few future draft picks, Marcus Camby, Steve Novak and Quentin Richardson for.

AirBARGS Bobcats vs Knicks

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