TOP 20 Reebok NBA Commercials

There was  a time a long long  ago…actually it was just the 90s which for teenagers was a lifetime before yours but for me it was my high school days.  When Jay-Z was just a tag along not ever mentioned in even top 10 rappers around and the idea that people preferred Reebok and their dunking crew of Shaq, Kemp & Nique over Nike wasn’t as crazy as it sounds nowadays.  BUT, with soon to be superstar John Wall rocking with Reebok we might see some return to glory for the creators of the Pump.   Let’s look back at my favorite Reebok ads.

Don’t Fake The Funk on a Nasty Dunk – Shaq’s 1st commercial
Living in Orlando in 92 I was a huge Shaq fan and this epic Super Bowl commercial featuring many of the best centers of all-time became an instant classic

Dominique –  Reebok Pumps


Iverson – Answer IX

Shoot Pass Slam – Shaq

Iverson  – Closer

Iverson & Jadakiss

John Wall – Zig Encore

Pump It Up

Jay-Z & 50 Cent

Steve Francis

Mugsy & Shaq’s Mom
Dee Brown – Pumps
We Got Now – Francis, Rose, Jay-Z, Iverson, Baron Davis, Kenyon Martin

Shaq Breaks Backboard

Iverson 1st commercial
Iverson – I am What I am

Kemp – Kamikaze
Jay-Z & Jamal Crawford

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