Top 12 Best NBA Plays of Christmas Past w/ Kobe, MJ, Dr J, LeBron & more

Check out 12 of the most nice and naughty Christmas plays ever.

  • Ewing with the block and dunk
  • Dr J takes flight against the Knicks
  • McGrady with the finger roll against the Cavs
  • DWade dunks on Lamar Odom
  • Roger Mason hits the game winner
  • Wade to LeBron off the glass
  • Steve Kerr makes the assist to Hubert Davis
  • Ewing with the game winner against the Bulls
  • Kobe with the 180 dunk vs the Suns
  • Jordan posterizes the Knicks
  • Wade to LeBron vs the Lakers
  • Kobe Bryant posterizes Jaren Jackson

Not shown in this video is Bernard King but his 60 points against the Nets in 1984 deserves a shout out.