Top 15 Dunks of the 2014 NBA Preseason

I can’t say I agree with Blake at the #1 spot with this dunk but here he is in a Top 10 Dunks of the NBA preseason video followed by a few personal picks.

  1. Blake Griffin catches an oop
  2. Air Gordon takes flight in Portland
  3. Tristan Thompson with the 1 hand oop
  4. Taj Gibson with the “facebook dunk”
  5. DeMarcus Cousins facial on Sacre
  6. Dwight Howard monster dunk on the Heat
  7. Wesley Johnson posterizes the Jazz
  8. DeRozan with the double clutch dunk
  9. McGruder with the nasty oop
  10. Irving to LeBron for the oop

Here’s a couple more dunks for your consideration including Chandler Parson’s dunk “on” LeBron, Jabari Parker’s game winning dunk which deserves top 5 consideration in my opinion and an “airhug” from Josh Smith.