Top 20 Dunks of the NBA Preseason (DeMar, Durant, DeAndre & More)

The NBA released their “Top 10 Dunks of the 2014 NBA preseason” video and we thought we should add 10 more dunks that belong in the top 20 with a few that arguably should be in the top 10 in front. 

  1. DeAndre Jordan with the facial on his teammate
  2. Durant with the international dunk
  3. Shumpert with the 1 hand follow
  4. DeAndre Jordan catches the oop
  5. DeMar DeRozan with the baseline Vinsanity dunk
  6. Gerald Green with the powerful 2 hand dunk
  7. Kenneth Faried with a dunk that doesn’t belong on this list
  8. Thomas Robinson with the putback dunk
  9. Tim Hardaway JR gets up the way his dad couldn’t
  10. Greg Oden dunks in his debut

Our Additions

  1. Blake Griffin dunks on Rudy Gobert
  2. Xavier Henry dunks on Holiday
  3. Richard Jefferson with the reverse on Jared Dudley
  4. Jeff Green over Reggie Evans
  5. Taj Gibson on Andre Miller
  6. Victor Oladipo with the 2 hand power dunk
  7. Derek Favors on DJ
  8. Jordan Hill with the spin and dunk on Gobert
  9. Henry Sims with the reverse
  10. Mason Plumlee from Blatche

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