Top 20 Plays of the 2014 NBA All-Star Game

When 2 teams full of All-Stars combine to score 318 points without going into OT, you can bet a bunch of fastbreak dunks and 3-pointers went down. ┬áHere’s the Top 20 highlights from the record setting game.

  1. LeBron windmill oop
  2. Kevin Durant inbound oop
  3. Anthony Davis oop
  4. Steph Curry moves on Wade & LeBron
  5. Blake windmill off the Kyrie inbound turnover
  6. Kyrie reverse layup
  7. Anthony Davis off the backboard
  8. John Wall reverse dunk
  9. LeBron reverse oop
  10. Kyrie schools Dwight


John Wall crossover on Lillard + layup

John Wall double clutch dunk

Carmelo oop from LeBron & making it reign from downtown

LeBron goes full court and slams

LeBron to Noah for the 1 hand dunk

LeBron tomahawk dunk

Kevin Love full court pass to Blake for the dunk

Kevin Durant reverse 1 hand dunk

CP3 oop to Anthony Davis


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