Top 5 Strongest Players in NBA History

Here’s another great video from YouTuber Nick Smith and this time he’s talking about “the strongest players in NBA history.”

No matter how you want to define “strong,” there’s a good chance most lists will probably include Ben Wallace, Wilt “I was In Conan The Destroyer” Chamberlain, Karl “I train in the forest” Malone and probably Shaq. But without explaining what makes a player “strong (is it how much weight he can bench or how he uses his weight in a game?)” it’s tough to make a list. What I’m saying is, for his size, 5’9″ Nate Robinson might be the strongest player ever, but is he strong enough to guard Dwight Howard? No, he’s not, although he can jump over him (see 2009 dunk contest).

As for Smith’s list, I agree with all of the selections with the exception of Charles Barkley. I would take Artis Gilmore (arguably the strongest player ever), Anthony Mason (only guy who would guard Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and Shaq), Larry Johnson, Chocolate Thunder Darryl Dawkins, Charles Oakley and maybe Xavier McDaniels over the Round Mound of Rebound.

I miss these two guys!

Here’s another “strongest players” list and even though they included Dawkins, it’s ridiculous that Artis Gilmore didn’t make a top 10 list!