Top 8 NBA Opening Night Performances

As we wait to see who will go off on opening night of the 2016/2017 NBA season (and either win or lose me some money in Fanduel and Draftkings), here's a new video by The Starters about 8 of the best opening night performances in the past few decades.

  • 2007: Kobe scores 45 on the Rockets, 18 in the 4th
  • 1985: Larry Bird with a triple double vs the Nets
  • 1988: Dale Ellis drops 46 on the Jazz
  • 2015: Steph Curry 40 on the Pelicans, 24 in the first quarter
  • 1989: Karl Malone scores 40 as Stockton dishes out 19 assists
  • 2014: Anthony Davis almost  had a triple double with blocks (9)
  • 1996: Clyde Drexler gets robbed of a quadruple double (25/10/10/9)
  • 1989: Cavs killer Michael Jordan goes off for 54 on the Cavs.

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