Top Four Most Embarrassing Premature 3-Point Celebrations

We have been bringing up Nick Young’s premature celebration on a 3-pointer for three seasons. Thankfully for him, we can now substitute his name with Kemba Walker.

With a little more than a minute left in the Hornets victory over the Heat on Thursday, Walker, who just connected on a 3-pointer, prematurely celebrated a 3-point attempt by turning around and doing a shimmy dance as the ball bounced around and then rolled off the rim. As embarrassing as the Shaqtin’ a Fool moment was, the Hornets retained the ball, Walker got an assist on the following play and the Hornets were able to celebrate a nine point victory seconds later.

So, my question is, “Who had the more embarrassing premature celebration: Walker or Swaggy P?”

As mentioned, Walker was feeling it because he had just hit a three and this three would have just been the nail in the coffin. He also finished the game with a game-high 22 points on 8 of 20 shooting.

As for Swaggy, he was feeling it that night and had 20 points, including a 4-point play, in just 19 minutes. His missed three also came at the end of a franchise-high 51 point quarter vs the Knicks and the Lakers went on to win 127-96.

So in my opinion, they were both equally embarrassing but not that big of a deal since they were both winners that night. The same could be said about these lesser popular but just as amusing examples of premature celebrations.


Thompson passes the ball to Curry, then walks off celebrating not realizing Curry was throwing the ball back to him. Klay made up for the goof with a game-high 40 points in a 128-120 win.


Speaking of current Warriors, here’s Kevin Durant preparing for these type of celebrations by celebrating a three by Kyle Lowrey during a Team USA exhibition game vs China. The only problem is Lowrey missed the three. Again, no worries as USA was up by 46 and went on to win 107-57.