Top Game Winning Shots of the 2013-2014 NBA Season

Now that the season is over, let's take a look at the best game winners this season.

Russel Westbrook turning nothing into greatness.

Russell Westbrook again hits a big shot to take the lead, then Andre Igoudala answers right back for the win.

Tobias Harris literally dunks it at the last split second.

Jeff Green's fall away corner 3 against the heat.

LeBron James' cold blooded stepback three from the heel.

Dirk Nowitzki's shooters touch over Melo.

Chris Bosh's rainbow 3 to take out the Blazers.

Patrick Patterson's inbounds steal and jumper over the Nets.

Nene's game winning dunk over the Pelican's

Kevin Durant double OT game winning three over the Raptors.

Derrick Rose's floater over the Knicks.

Randy Foye's off-balance 3 to win the game.

Mike Dunleavy's bank three to win over the Bucks (I think he called it)

Joe Johnson's filthy isolation rainbow shot over Ibaka.

Lillard's hanging three to tie the game just to have Monta "have it all" Ellis take it away on a dirty fall away.

Kevin Durant with a game winning dunk for the last game of the season over the Pistons.


This season was full of amazing games and I'm sure the playoff's is going to be even more exciting. Which game winner is your favorite?


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