Top 10 NBA Dunks of the Night: Evans on LeBron, Vince, Tyson, Cousins & Mo (10.30.13)


I wouldn’t say Evan Turner “posterized” LeBron but he did throw down a dunk that LeBron made an effort to defend so that it makes it good enough to be #1 on the night’s best dunks.  Since the NBA put out the footage, you don’t have to worry about Nike trying to confiscate it either.

Evan Turner on LeBron


Tyson Chandler with the putback slam


Anthony Davis 1 hand oop


Kyrie Irving to Tristan Thompson


Gordon Hayward dunk against the Thunder


DeMarcus Cousins with the power dunk & oop


Vince Carter oop from Calderon


Mo Speights with the power dunk against the Lakers


Kawhi Leonard dunk vs the Griz (3:30 mark)


Jason Thompson rebound dunk





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