Univ of Winnipeg player tears ACL in dunk contest

How many times have you heard a player or their coach or team owner say the player shouldn’t do the dunk contest because they might get hurt.  Your initial reaction is when has a player ever been injured in a dunk contest? Well, we finally have proof of one.

University of Winnipeg player Seaton George thought he would have some harmless fun in a dunk contest but unfortunately he came dressed to sprint on a track and not dunk on a court.  The result was a torn ACL.

Everytime I hear about or see somebody tear an ACL I start having Vietnam like flashbacks of the loud pop I heard when I tore my ACL and I automatically start sobbing for the poor baller. But! Somebody should of told George not to try your best Michael Jordan impersonation when you are dressed like Michael Johnson.


As painful as it was to watch this video, it was nothing compared to seeing Anderson Silva break his leg.  I”m not going to show that video here but I will show you reactions.

Back to dangerous job of dunking. I guess the dunk contest can be harmful to human props that shouldn’t have as much confidence in the dunker as the dunker does.

And also make sure the court isn’t a piece of crap with logos that pop up.  LetShannon(NotGetHurtWhileDoingA)dunk found this out.


Source: Mehdi Tihani , Mike Gibson and hoopsrant


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