Toronto’s impressive history of dunkers | Jordan (not that one) kisses the rim


My favorite thing about Toronto might be it’s the only place I was ever able to find ketchup flavored potato chips.  At 2nd is a tie between Toronto being the home of Main Source and one of my favorite producers of all-time Large Professor (Fakin the Funk) and home of the late 90s Raptors with dunking cousins T-Mac and Vinsanity.

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What many people might not realize is that Toronto has a pretty amazing history of high flyers since the Vinsanity era which in my opinion was the most exciting dunk era in NBA history.  Since Carter’s departure, we have seen underrated dunker Jamario Moon who finished 2nd behind Dwight Howard and Gerald Green in the 2008 gimmick filled NBA dunk contest.  Then the next year the Raptors drafted Vince Carter 2.0 in DeMar DeRozan who probably deserved the dunk championship over more popular Blake Griffin and his Kia car.  Two of DeRozan’s Toronto teammates were also slam dunk contest worthy – Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems.  Sonny wanted to be in the NBA dunk contest but the NBA preferred to send invites to more popular players like Kevin Durant and skipped over the eventual 2012 LKL Dunk Champion.

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Earlier this year, the Raptors made a trade for Rudy Gay, who competed, and was cheated, in the 2008 dunk contest.  Before the contest, Gay and YouTube teamed up and created a campaign asking for help from the dunk community.  I created the winning video submission for the world’s best dunk organization and Gay selected dunk phenom Werm of the dunk team to travel with him to All-Star weekend and serve as a dunk consultant.

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The same dunk team also launched the dunk careers of two of the best show dunkers ever from Canada – Justin “JusFly” Darlington and Jordan “JKillz” Kilganon.  You have probably seen YouTube videos of Justin winning dunk contests all around the world including the famous Nike+ dunk contest where he went between his legs after doing a cartwheel.

[youtube id=”-_Ttzreu-Mg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Jordan is pretty new to the dunk scene but has people all over the internet saying “who is that white boy?” and “did he just kiss the rim?” The rim kisser from Toronto was in Philly this weekend to compete in the Showdown tour dunk contest.  A contest that has featured Toronto’s Drake and NBA Slam dunk champion and current Toronto Raptor Terrence Ross as a judge (yours truly will be judging next week in Dallas) and awarded a lot of money over the years to dunkers just mentioned like Werm, Jus Fly and their their past dunking teammate Guy Dupuy from France who competed in the finals with Jordan yesterday.

Jordan came out victorious (did you know Avan Jorgia of the kids show Victorious is from Canada…oh you don’t give a F) this weekend to add to the impressive history of high flyers from Canada.

Here’s a few pics from the Showdown event this weekend featuring Jordan, Guy Dupuy and Dashon Kirby

Here’s a couple of pics I took of Jordan at last year’s Showdown

IMG_2744 IMG_2804IMG_2747   IMG_2812

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