Tosh.0 “gives a black man who missed 8 straight shots” a shot at redemption

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Every week on the Comedy Central show Tosh.0, Daniel Tosh gives a star of a viral FAIL video a shot at redemption by helping them accomplish whatever they screwed up and became internet famous for.  There’s been a few amusing basketball related ones in the past including a 30 for 30 mockumentary with Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose and the Nerf Hoop Dunk champion.  The video ends with the Nerf dunker dunking over the 6’3 host which I can proudly say I’ve also done (on a 9 foot adjustable goal, but to be fair him and his brother – who owns a successful company partially responsible for many past NBA Live games – dunked on me more times than I can recall).

This week’s Web Redemption was for Dwyane – “a black man who missed eight straight shots in a shooting contest” so he could “redeem his cred in the black community.”

Missing the 8 shots in a row was pretty bad but the contest was unfair to begin with.  The odds of anybody, even NBA players, making a layup, free throw, 3-pointer and half court shot in 24 seconds (while getting your own rebound) is next to none.

In the skit, Tosh takes shots at everybody from the Lakers to the Miami Heat while spoofing those State Farm Chris Paul twins commercials (which make absolutely no sense for so many reasons).

I can’t mention the web redemption skits without bringing up Krispy Kreme the rapper who appeared on the show a few seasons ago.  He would later go on to change his name to Froggy Fresh and record the awesome “Why James Crying..cause he just got dunked on!” song.  Kreme/Fresh’s “dunked on” song was true redemption for the rapper/baller who might not be able to play ball but has a better rap song than Kobe, LeBron, Durant, Stephen Jackson, Steve Francis, Chris Webber, Gary Payton, Tony Parker and every baller not named Shaq that put out a rap record.





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