Tracy McGrady Defends His “League Is Watered Down” Comments

Earlier in the week on The Jump, former NBA great Tracy McGrady said Steph Curry winning the MVP award was “well-deserved,” but him winning it unanimously shows how “watered down the league is.”

On the latest episode of The Jump, T-Mac defended and elaborated on his controversial comment.

“This is no hating. This is identifying the talent in this league. It’s top-heavy. I’m not saying we don’t have any superstars, I’m saying it’s not that many that we have. Look at the Eastern Conference, it’s LeBron, it’s DWade, and that’s it.”

McGrady did acknowledge that the current (watered down) league has “superstars,”but it’s also full of bad teams. He then asked how did Michael Jordan during the Bulls historic 95-96 season – a season with 11 NBA All-Stars on the NBA Top 50 list + Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, Alonzo Mourning, Mutombo, Shawn Kemp and Jason Kidd –  not get all of the votes.

Special guest Jamal Crawford, who played in multiple eras, responded by saying he doesn’t agree the league is watered down, but it is easier to play now than in the past when more “grown men” were playing.