Tracy McGrady & Penny Hardaway will play in Taiwan All-Star Game


Two of the most exciting players in Orlando Magic franchise history will be playing in the upcoming 2014 Mazda All-Star game in Taiwan.  They will be joined by the once electrifying Latrell Sprewell as well as some of the most exciting pro dunkers in the world including Guy Dupuy, Werm and Porter Mayberry.

The game will also feature Vin Baker for all those Vin Baker fans that lived in Milwaukee in the mid 90s.

If it wasn’t cool enough to see T-Mac and Penny together, McGrady wore #1 because of Penny and patterned a lot of his game growing up after him. And if you weren’t aware of where the former Sugarland Skeeter is, T-Mac is playing in China and hit a game-winner earlier this month.