Tracy McGrady’s Final Tour in China, Still Has A Deadly Jumper

Retired basketball and baseball player Tracy McGrady was in Nanjing, China this week, playing with an All-Star team and showing he still has one deadly jumper on his way to 18 points.

Despite looking a few pounds heavier since his NBA days, T-Mac looks like and is treated like a legend in China.  For the past few years, McGrady has been making visits to China as either a player for the Qingdao Eagles, the Ball Up Streetball Team or with the USA Legends.  Last October, he made some noise when he hit a game-winner with the Legends team.

McGrady also attended a press conference this week wearing a pretty cool tribute to his 13 points in 35 seconds game vs the Spurs.




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(Photos: China News Service/Yang Bo)