Trae Young Goes Off, Scores 31 of 44 Points In 2nd Half Vs Baylor

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Trae Young

"Like shooting into an ocean."

Trae Young is so good and exciting he has basketball fans that don't want college basketball looking for his games and highlights.

Trae Young is so good and exciting he has media people asking NBA players on a daily basis about the guy who keeps getting compared to Steph Curry.

Trae Young is so good and exciting....his HAIR was trending a few days ago. OK, maybe that has nothing to do with how good and exciting he is.

On Tuesday night, he (not his hair) was trending again. Why? Because he scored 44 points and dished out 9 assists in a win over Baylor. 31 of those 44 (his 4th 40-point game of his phenomenal freshman season) came during the second half. And many of those 32 came on "heat checks" from 35+ feet from the basket.

To quote Ballislife South Brad, who has been recording the NCAA leader in points and assists since he was an unknown high school: "THAT BOY GOOD!"

(Yeah, I know that quote is originally from Coming To America but me and Trae are friends with Brad and not Eddie Murphy)