Travis Scott Finally Releases ‘Way Back’ Video With James Harden

Just when Houston Rockets fans were getting over the last time they saw James Harden and Travis Scott together — Game 6┬ávs the Spurs, when all the fans in the Toyota center were wearing shirts designed by Travis Scott and cheering for Harden as he fouled out with 10 points and turnovers — Scott finally released his self-directed video for his song called ‘Way Back,’ which features an upside-down rapping Harden (reminiscent of Spike Lee’s ‘Crooklyn’) and a little kid driving a car.

The reason why I said “finally” is because the video was made before the start of Harden’s MVP worthy season. I was lucky enough to see it back in October of 2016, when Scott showed it to a group of people, eating James Harden gummies, during the launch of the Adidas Harden Vol.1 sneakers.

And if you are into drinking games or push-up games, take a shot or do 10 push-ups everytime you see an Adidas logo in the video.

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