Travis Scott Finally Releases ‘Way Back’ Video With James Harden

Just when Houston Rockets fans were getting over the last time they saw James Harden and Travis Scott together — Game 6 vs the Spurs, when all the fans in the Toyota center were wearing shirts designed by Travis Scott and cheering for Harden as he fouled out with 10 points and turnovers — Scott finally released his self-directed video for his song called ‘Way Back,’ which features an upside-down rapping Harden (reminiscent of Spike Lee’s ‘Crooklyn’) and a little kid driving a car.

The reason why I said “finally” is because the video was made before the start of Harden’s MVP worthy season. I was lucky enough to see it back in October of 2016, when Scott showed it to a group of people, eating James Harden gummies, during the launch of the Adidas Harden Vol.1 sneakers.

And if you are into drinking games or push-up games, take a shot or do 10 push-ups everytime you see an Adidas logo in the video.

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