Trevor Booker Forgot To Get Back On D Because He Was Celebrating Alec Burks Dunk On Jon Leuer

If you replaced the names Alec Burks and Jon Leuer with two more popular names, than this dunk would be more celebrated as a “Dunk of the Year” nominee with RIP memes going viral.  But it’s not, it’s underrated 6th Man Alec Burks dunking on recent FanDuel steal Jon Leuer.

One person who did appreciate the dunk – a little too much – was teammate Trevor Booker. Booker was so busy celebrating (karate style) the dunk, he “forgot to get back on D.”  Those are the words from the man himself via Twitter.

Jazz head coach Quin Snyder wasn’t too happy about it either.

“It was two points the other way because we didn’t get back in transition.” replied Snyder when asked if Burks dunk was a dunk.


For those picky people who are saying Leuer didn’t “get dunked on” because Burks didn’t touch the rim, enjoy this touching the rim facial on Leuer.