Try Staying in front of 8th Grader Leonte Lilly! Chicago PG Has Handles!

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Isaiah Thomas

Ballislife takes pride in covering the top high school players across the country. But when we get a chance, we like to shine a light on new, even younger players who haven’t been seen before. Here’s our favorite new 8th grade guard out of Chicago we caught by accident at Jr Hoops Elite Best of Midwest: Leonte Lilly.
5’7 8th grader Leonte Lilly attends Beidler Elementary School, a public school on Chicago’s West Side. In the last 10-15 years since this Ballislife writer has been in Chicago, Beidler has never been known for its basketball team. Well now Beidler has a talented squad, led by Leonte Lilly.
When asked who he models his game after, Lilly replied Isaiah Thomas (the Cavs PG, not the Pistons star). Perhaps he got his handles from IT?
Check out these raw highlights of Leonte Lilly at Best of the Midwest presented by!
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