TV Show 'Blackish' Hilariously Compares Kobe To That Barber You Need To Stop Going To

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Kobe Bryant

Do you have a barber, or mechanic or any service provider that you continue to go to even though you know it's time to move on?

On last night's episode of 'Blackish,' Anthony Anderson's favorite barber messed up his hair and when questioned by his wife about why he went back to the barber, Anderson replied the barber is "like Kobe and when Kobe has a bad game you don't take the ball out of his hands. You give it back to him and say 'Shoot Kobe, Shoot!'"

His wife then said "Maybe the Kobe of 10 years ago but not the Kobe of today! He's taking the whole franchise down!"

Ouch Tracee.


For old school heads like me that grew up on NBC Saturday mornings with 'Saved By The Bell,' 'Hang Time' and 'Inside Stuff,' here's a flashback featuring Kobe and Anthony Anderson together in a 1997 episode of 'Hang Time.'