Ty Lawson Talks About Doing “White People $hit” & the “light skinned” Warriors Winning While Getting a $500 Haircut

Vice Sports spent a day earlier in the summer with new Houston Rocket Ty Lawson during a summer day in LA as Ty jokes about teammates, talks $hit about the “light-skinned” Warriors and doing “white people $hit” while getting a $500 hair cut from JC The Barber before attending a premier of the film ‘Entourage.”

$500 line ups!?  That just made every barber for ballers in H-Town get excited. Ty actually has the whole city excited since they got the All-Star bound point for pretty much nothing (no offense Nick – we still love you).

He probably also has a bunch of employees at Vivid-Live, Treasures and Onyx excited (that’s how Slim Thug tried to recruit Dwight Howard) but hopefully Ty wont try to outshine James Harden off the court in Houston.  If he does, somebody tell him I don’t mind being his Uber driver.