Tyler Inman’s dunk contest performance puts most to shame (free throw off the bounce?)

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DeMar DeRozan Damian Lillard

At Ballislife, we pride ourselves in knowing about the best dunkers in the NBA, NCAA, High School, Elementary School, Streetball world, overseas, YouTube, church leagues, local YMCAs and even farms in the middle of nowhere but Southern Christian University’s 6’3 Tyler Inman even surprised us when he put on an exceptional dunk exhibition at the 2014 NAIA Dunk Contest a few days ago.  We aren’t going to beat a dead horse and mention the NBA dunk contest but his set of dunks tops the D-League, Sprite Showdown and any other event that went down this year.

We first heard about Tyler a couple of years ago when Flying101 posted this video.

In the caption it says,

he initially didn’t want to send me this cuz he said this was garbage…..im telling you this guy has SERIOUS talent, because he plays ball full time he hasnt had any time to try tricks…..so when summer rolls around watch out cuz this guy is going to morph into something CRAZY.

Well, he was right because he did morph into something CRAZY and everybody is talking about him now including  past NBA dunk contestants like Damian Lillard, DeMar DeRozan and Nate Robinson.


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