Tyler “Psycho T” Hansbrough is not so psycho against Metta World Peace

They call Tyler Hansbrough Psycho T because of his wild and sometimes psychotic playing style on the court that seems to catch the attention of other questionably sane characters in the league such as Metta World Peace and Chris Anderson.  During last night’s game vs the Knicks, Metta transformed back into Ron Artest which caused Tyler to go from Psycho to Pussycat when he turned around and realized the man he was about to talk smack to was the king of smacking players with inadvertent elbows and the star of the Malice in the Palace.

I wonder if Tyler would have stayed mad at Metta if Peace was trying to scare Tyler’s brother Ben.

After the game, Metta took to Twitter to defend “tough kid” Tyler and even said he’s going “to be a champ one day.”

As for Metta saying he “would play on Tyler’s team any day,” I’m assuming he means he wouldn’t mind having Tyler as his teammate because I don’t see Peace wanting to take his talents to Toronto.



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