Tyson Beck Designs: Rookie to Today


Digital artist Tyson Beck — the man behind those awesome images of NBA players with old school haircuts (above) and some of the coolest basketball related images on the internet — released the first three images from his latest awesome concept series: Rookie to Today.

LeBron James, teammate Derrick Rose and James Harden were the first three releases that shows how much hairier players not named Isaiah Thomas get while playing in the league.

DERRICK ROSE 2008 – 2017

2008 1ST Pick of the Chicago Bulls
2009 NBA Rookie Of The Year
2009 NBA Skills Challenge Champion
2017: Cleveland Cavs


JAMES HARDEN 2009 – 2017

2009 3rd Pick of the OKC Thunder
2010 All-Rookie Second Team
2017 Houston Rockets


LEBRON JAMES 2003 – 2017

2003 1st Pick of the Cleveland Cavs
2004 NBA Rookie of the Year
2017 Cleveland Cavs



Here’s a few suggestions for Beck’s next round of players: Gordon Hayward, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Love, the Greek Freak, Ricky Rubio and Steph Curry.

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