Tyson Chandler dunks on then stares at Jermaine O’Neal

Players in this post:
Jermaine O’Neal Tyson Chandler

Jermaine O’Neal once lead the league in getting dunked on but this was during his Pacers days when he was averaging 35+ minutes a game and one of the NBA’s leaders in blocked shots.  He’s been averaging about half of those minutes with the Warriors this season so that greatly decreases his chances of getting dunked on but in Sunday’s loss to the Knicks, O’Neal played 29 minutes and as a result had 2 blocks and ended up on 1 poster courtesy of Tyson Chandler.

Getting dunked on isn’t that big of a deal but getting dunked on, falling to the floor and watching a guy who only scored 6 points yell and stare at you would probably upset you a little.




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