GQ Photoshoot with Tyson Chandler & son / calls him “arguably the best big man in the league”

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Tyson Chandler


I’m  usually pretty critical on Tyson Chandler’s wardrobe but I love the new photoshoot he did with his son for GQ magazine.  They also did a nice write up called “The Slickest Seven-Footer in the game,” Stephen Jackson would disagree, and in the article they say Tyson is “arguably the best big man in the league” which quite a few people would disagree with.  Regardless of his game, it’s an interesting read about his approach to fashion.

You got applaud a guy that grew up on a farm, went to high school in Compton and went on to become a role model, solid NBA veteran, and one of the most stylish NBA players according to GQ magazine.

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