UK’s Tyler Ulis runs the 3/4 court sprint in 3.1 seconds

I knew Tyler Ulis was fast, but when I saw him play in person at our 2014 Ballislife All-American game, I had to rewatch our mixtapes on him and check to see if the mixes were in slow motion because he looked like one of the fastest humans I’ve ever seen.

Yesterday, Coach Calipari reminded me of Tyler’s speed when he posted a video of Ulis running a 3/4 court sprint in 3.1 seconds. To put that number in perspective, at the NBA Combine, ex Wildcat John Wall ran the sprint with a time of 3.14 and DeMarcus Cousins did it in 3.55 (pretty impressive for a big guy).

And Usain Bolt can do it in just 2.95 seconds!

Get ready for more examples of Ulis’ speed in the upcoming months.


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