Uncle Drew on latest cover of Slam’s annual Kicks magazine

I always look forward to Slam’s annual mag dedicated to sneakers called Kicks, so on a slow day of hoop news, I was glad to hear I have an excuse to go to the store and pick up a copy.  I was disappointed to see that there’s only 1 cover this time as opposed to last year when they put out 3.

So in the meantime I thought I would dig through my Slam stash and read some old issues.  I came across this one from 2001 with Kobe on the cover.  Here’s some interesting things for a blast from the past

  • Derek Anderson Nike ad
  • Allen Iverson article about how he might be the best player in the league
  • Steve Francis in college
  • Kevin Garnett article and mentions how crazy it would be to ever consider trading him
  • Ad for a new album by C-Murder who is in jail for…murder
  • Darius Miles article
  • Ad for Air Alert 2 with “Larry Hughes – Air Alert User”
  • Jerry Stackhouse article
  • Shawn Bradley full page picture
  • 2 page ad for the And1 Mixtape Tour



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