Uncle Drew searching for Otis Pt2: Is it Kevin Durant?

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Kevin Durant

After teasing the world that we might be seeing Kevin Durant or Anthony Davis in an upcoming Uncle Drew commercial, Pepsi gave us a 2nd (assuming there’s one more teaser coming on Saturday) teaser that just  made no sense and is making us doubt the mystery big man Otis is one of the names mentioned above.

When you look at these stills below from the first teaser video, it really does look like Otis is KD.


But if the “passport” hint in the 2nd video is a clue to who the player is then we might have to mark off KD.

For all of the people that said it has to be Anthony Davis because he was going to New Orleans, you do realize that the All-Star game is in New Orleans and it’s All-Star weekend and the official full length commercial drops during the All-Star game?


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